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Background of the project:

ETUDE HOUSE is the NO.1 brand in makeup industry in South Korean, which belongs to Amore Pacific, Korea's largest cosmetics group.EH Came into China in 2013, on the occasion of the 6th anniversary, company hopes to use a gift to convey gratitude to VIP customers. Using own existing product as gift,it is not creative, and it rarely causes surprise and satisfaction to the party receiving the gift. Taking this opportunity, We,G & P Tek, design a beautiful True Wireless Earbuds for them as an exclusive gift.

Services and expertise :

G & P Tek analyzed the consumers of ETUDE HOUSE and found that the consumers are mainly young women aged 16-20, of which students are the main ones. After a lot of investigation, analyzed the hobbies and needs of this consumers, carried out creative brainstorming, repeatedly revised it, and finally created a practical and ornamental gift at the moment, lovely bear style True Wireless earbuds.

Prosentation :

As with mobile phones, the earphone is basically available to everyone, and it is very practical, and the true wireless earbuds is the latest trend in 2019, and it is loved by young people.

Monotonous true wireless earbuds is generally visible, but when the special earphones are put on a cute bear jacket designed for young people, they immediately turn into cute things. A complete set of gifts includes earbuds,charging case and cute bear protection cover. It is full of cuteness and generous gifts. I believe every girl will love this gift if they receive one.

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