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Problems encountered by customers

The AMIRO brand was established in July 2015. The brand name contains "A Mirror", which represents "a brand vision that specializes in intelligent mirrors to enhance the makeup experience. Amiro already has 30 million female users. How can they break the current A single product line allows the user group to expand and create a series of products that maintain brand tone?

Business and service provided by G & P Tek :

The consumer group of AMIRO is women, and it is women who have requirements for beauty and like makeup and skin care. Currently the only product is a cosmetic mirror. Combined with the characteristics of consumer groups, a set of 3C accessories products based on pink tones were finally obtained.

G & P Tek design output and solution

1. Pink is the exclusive color for women. You can see at a glance that it is designed for them.

2. True wireless earbuds creates the shape of earrings. Earphones are not only earphones, but also beautiful accessories, which meet the needs of beauty lovers;

3. It is more intimate that the charging case of the true wireless earbuds is equipped with a small mirror to check the makeup and makeup at any time, and echoes the company's ace products.

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