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Background of the project :

PUMA (Puma) is a German sport brand that proposes a new brand slogan Forever Faster, designed to provide professional sports equipment, products related to running, football, golf and even racing. In the current market, sports brands are almost the same. Sports is not a project everyone loves, it is better to make a product that is acceptable to the public across borders.

Service and expertise :

Analyze the deep-level needs of customers, help customers solve product selection problem, and analyze design conclusions by combining corporate logos and user groups. From the perspective of the user, analyze the use of the product, design a product with strong practicability and consistent with the brand tone, so that it stands out from the original sports market products, and then forms a new product with corporate characteristics.


G & P Tek has created an animal-shaped true wireless earbuds for PUMA, which is not only practical but also cool in appearance.

Animal heads include foxes, wolves, and leopards, all of which have a common feature in that they are good at running and are consistent with the brand's claims.

The animal pattern is electroplated to enhance the product quality, and the overall design is simple and cool.

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