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Problems encountered by customers :

The customer's product line is very rich, including headphones, speakers, power bank and so on. The product is very good, but none of them are explosive. Customers urgently need to produce a product that can represent the company's brand image to deepen consumer's impression of the brand.

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After deeply understanding the customer's needs, in combination with the customer's brand tone, he investigated the preferences and characteristics of the company's consumer groups in various aspects, and used the diversity of the company's products to create the same series of products, forming a differentiation from the monotonous headphones on the market.

G & P Tek design output and solutions :

Create a series of products with marble elements, including true wireless earbuds, over ear headphone, power bank, Bluetooth speaker, etc. The marble texture is shocking, giving an elegant and clean feeling, which helps to enhance the brand image. The series of products displayed together with the company's logo gave a visual impact and deepened the consumer's impression of the brand, making the marble pattern the company's exclusive VI element.

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